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Inspire & Transform

School leadership is more important and challenging than ever. Are you investing in the development and skills of your school leaders? 

To inspire and transform a school into a collaborative and thriving professional learning environment for students and teachers, leaders need to possess and/or develop the necessary mindsets, dispositions, knowledge, skills and practices.  

Leithwood, Seashore Lewis, Anderson, and Wahlstrom (2004) concluded that leadership is second only to classroom instruction among school-related factors for improving student learning.  Marzano, Waters, and McNulty (2005) also reported that leadership is vital to school effectiveness.  Our leadership approach focuses on all levels of school leadership. Whether you are a superintendent, central office staff, principal, assistant principal, teacher leader, coach, or teacher, our offerings provide you with the necessary skills and tools to cultivate a thriving school culture.

Part of that thriving culture will depend on your leaders' ability to improve the collective efficacy of their staff. After conducting a meta analyses on more than 1000 studies on education practices, John Hattie has reported that Teacher Collective Efficacy (TCE) has the greatest impact on student learning (1.57 effect size). This effect is double the effect of student feedback (.75 effect size). Many educators are asking, What is Teacher Collective Efficacy, and how do we develop it?”

Our team offers training, coaching, workshops and keynote presentations that will help cultivate a thrivingculture and improve the collective efficacy of your staff. Our other presentations and workshops focus on: