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EPIC Impact Education Group

I’ve always been impressed with how Dr. Bobby Moore engages and inspires superintendents, school board members and stakeholders.
— Dr. Thomas Tucker, Superintendent, Princeton City Schools (OH). 2016 AASA National Superintendent of the Year.

Bobby’s interpersonal skills are extraordinary as well as his deep knowledge of education.
— Dr. Jim Mahoney, Emeritus and Former Executive Director, Battelle for Kids

Dr. Bobby Moore

Dr. Bobby Moore’s ability to inspire, motivate, collaborate, provide thought leadership, strategize, build relationships, and develop talent contributed to his success as a teacher and department chair in a National Blue Ribbon school, as principal in a Nationally Recognized Middle School, and as a superintendent in a district that received the highest rating and distinction from the state department of education. Dr. Moore was also a Senior Director for the national not-for profit organization Battelle for Kids (BFK). Bobby’s career in education and his work at BFK have focused on engaging and motivating educators through collaboration, professional development, innovation, and a laser-like focus on the mission of ensuring that all students reach their fullest potential.

During his tenure at BFK, Dr. Moore led one of the largest school improvement collaboratives in the United States, was team lead on a statewide leadership academy for the Kentucky Department of Education, project lead for a statewide collaborative in Texas for elementary principals, delivered workshops and/or keynotes for state departments of education, state associations and national associations and was often referred to as one of the highest sales and opportunity generators for BFK.

After approximately 25 years in education, including six years at Battelle for Kids, Bobby is the founder, president and CEO of the EPIC Impact Education Group. EPIC Impact Education Group was founded to provide strategic counsel and partner with national and state organizations, education organizations and businesses, as well as urban, rural, suburban and community schools to leverage strengths, accelerate growth, and increase efficiencies for maximum impact.

Bobby brings energy and passion to every engagement. In his spare time he is an avid skier, adventurer, and world traveler. He loves spending time with his wife Dr. Deborah Moore, Associate Commissioner of the Ohio High School Athletic Association and his dog Bode. You can connect with Bobby on twitter @DrBobbyMoore.

We value Dr. Moore’s ability to challenge our thinking, build positive relationships among our team, and bring focus and purpose to our work in how we strategically approach and accomplish our district’s goals. He has served as a powerful and positive tipping point resource in advancing our efforts to improve the growth and development of our students, teachers, and administrators.
— Tim Cybulski, Assistant Superintendent, Oak Hills Local School District (OH)