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Leaders must learn how to cultivate a thriving culture just like a gardener would his/her garden. A thriving culture needs the same constant care and nurturing of a flourishing garden. Gardeners know when to tend the soil, water, fertilize and pull the weeds. Great leaders know when to affirm, coach and hold people accountable for the behaviors that are prevalent in a positive culture. An overwhelming body of research is clear that school culture and ethos can increase engagement, productivity, and accelerate student learning. Great school leadership and positive school culture matter. One is not more important than the other.

School leaders understand that culture trumps strategy. These school leaders take responsibility for creating a culture that focuses on relationships, trust and respect. Research indicates there is a relationship between trust and student achievement, as measured by teacher collective efficacy (Goddard, 2017). Trust alone may not ensure student success, but without it, there it little chance of improving.

For years schools have focused on pedagogy with little regard to culture, or vice versa. Our approach embodies the work of Good to Great (Collins, 2001). We embrace the "genius" of and vs. the "tyranny" of or. We develop culture and buildi capacity of the pedagogical practices of high performing schools. 

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