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Culture Starts with You

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This book was developed to support school administrators, teacher leaders, and teachers dealing with the emotions, conflicts, behaviors, and challenges of creating a thriving school culture and high perfroming school.

This book asks the adults in the school building to question the mindsets, behaviors, and skills that limit them and their schools from becoming all they can be. Schools will become not only places of learning for students and adults, but also places of encouragement, inspiration, and support.

“In all learning environments there can be powerful emotions. As humans we think about our world via emotions, are impacted by the climate around us, and have positive and negative appraisals and reactions to stressors. Moore explores all these notions, builds a powerful case for the culture of the school being the pivotal focus for school leaders and indeed all within the school. He shows how our interactions with others, the words we speak, how we make other feel is what leads to school culture. This is a necessary read for school leaders.”
—John Hattie, Author of Visible Learning



With the book as a foundation, Dr. Moore offers a workshop for school teams and leaders. In the Workshop, attendees will learn:

  • How to cultivate ‘teacher collective efficacy’, which has more influence on student learning in a school than any other practice or strategy.
  • How to use and develop emotional intelligence skills and strategies that will engage stakeholder, defuse conflict, and allow people to find common ground and focus on student learning.
  • To identify what triggers or events evoke emotions or negative reactions that prevent success, and the skills and strategies to ensure positive interactions with staff, students and stakeholders.
  • The importance of aligning behaviors and practices with beliefs and values while pursuing ambitious goals for the school.
  • How to have crucial conversations and positively leverage ‘moments that matter.’
  • How to effectively capture the hearts and minds of the staff during new school wide initiatives.
  • How to cultivate relationships and a culture necessary for creating a high performing school building.