EPIC Impact Education Group


EPIC Impact Education Group


EPIC Impact Education Group is a national organization that partners with and provides strategic counsel to national and state organizations, education organizations and businesses, as well as urban, rural, suburban and community schools to leverage strengths, accelerate growth, and increase performance for epic impact.

EPIC Impact's partnerships in education focuses on leadership, literacy, culture, strategic planning and community engagement. Our work with other organizations and associations center around thought leadership, marketing, and business strategy. Our impact may be measured by accelerated student learning and growth, capacity building, increased revenue, market share growth, or added value to professional organizations' memberships. 

EPIC Impact Education Group strategically aligns education, business, marketing, and communications expertise to match the specific needs of each client. Our unique experiences and successes across all educational landscapes with execution and deep implementation, as well as our access to influential relationships across the country, allows us to bring to you a high-level of focus, quality delivery, and the results you desire. In other words, we can make an EPIC Impact for your organization. 


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Strategic Planning

A transparent and well-executed strategic planning process brings value to a school district in a number of ways.



School leadership is more important now than ever. There are no great schools without great leaders.


Culture is more than a poster you hang on the wall. Culture is the way we make others feel, the words that are spoken and how well behaviors align with the mission of the organization.


It is important to enlist and engage the community during school transformations.